The Employee and Candidate Experience

With the goal of achieving an organizational culture of well-being based on collaboration, efficiency and business sustainability, we collaborate on developing the best practices to create a reliable workplace atmosphere.

The employee experience is multivariable and the factors that impact, to a greater or lesser extent, on the employee's well-being depend on each organization.

The location of the company, the environment, the ease of physical access, the culture and the quality of life of the organization, are all factors that influence the employee experience.

Communication, Motivation, Training, Recognition, Professional Growth Opportunities, Teamwork, Work Tools, Compensation and Benefits, Leadership, and Personal Life / Work Balance are among the most common organizational aspects.

We provide the organization with the following actions:

Studies of ¨Organizational Atmosphere¨.

Identification and optimization of the processes that make up the Employee Experience within the framework of a culture of Ongoing Improvement.

Design and implementation of processes that are critical for the Employee Experience.

Design and Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs. Diversity and Inclusion Programs.

Ongoing Improvement of High Impact Processes related to the Employee Experience.

Mapping of the processes that are part of the Employee Experience.

Employee Experience Monitoring System: Employee Voice (VOE) and prospective.

Design of the Scorecard / Dashboard for monitoring the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the business. Definition of the key indicators.

Definition of Objectives, Action Plans and implementation. Control and corrective action.

Workshops designed according to the needs of the organization.

  • How to focus the organization on the customer.
  • Inside Innovation (Culture of Innovation).
  • Training of high performance teams.
  • Idea Selling.
  • Innovation in sales practices.
  • Digital context: skill set requirements.

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