We’re a team of specialists in multiple fields.
Passionate in the search for innovative solutions.
With a fresh outlook on a constantly evolving market.

Our Work

We’re change agents. Our goals are to improve the profitability and strengthen the competitive advantage of the organization through our understanding of the business, the company and its culture.

The strategic tools to achieve these goals are:

  • Customer Experience
  • Employee and Candidate Experience
  • Cultural Transformations
  • Customer Digital Experience


Based on management direction, we can collaborate in the Design, Implementation and Management or Monitoring phases.



We take a Design approach, integrating individuals’ needs, new technologies and the requirements for business success.



Based on management prioritization of agreed-upon actions / processes, an execution plan will be carried out. It will require the participation of key players to achieve the desired results.


Management or Monitoring

Our team can collaborate with management in monitoring and followup of the required changes. Essential tools will be provided to employees with the design of a monitoring system to faciliate managing ongoing achievements.

Our Approach

Our projects always require a pre-implementation diagnostic stage. Our consultation with management is a top priority: its assessment of the situation and expected changes. Subsequently, key voices are summoned, internal and external to the organization; through research or consultation with the company’s target segments. The perspective "of the customer as the focus" should be part of the proposed plan of action.

Another key tool for implementation is diagnostic feedback: it allows us to rank solutions according to their visibility and impact.

Customer Experience

The customer as an organizational priority.

The objective is the growth of the business and the key process is to generate loyalty from the ongoing enhancement of customer interactions with the brand / company.


Employee and Candidate Experience

Integrating well-being in all its aspects in the workplace is vital for success.

¨ If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers ¨
(Richard Branson – Virgin Group)

To consolidate sustainable businesses, employees will be involved in the diagnosis and implementation of key changes.


Cultural Transformations

Approaching the workplace of the future, in times of intense global changes, will require new ways of thinking and acting.

Our goal is to contribute to the creation of organizational cultures based on respect, teamwork, innovation and creativity. For the necessary transformations, we leverage new technologies and best-in-class market approaches.


Customer Digital Experience

The digital transformation: Leading individuals... mastering data and technology.

Data and technology are at the center of digital transformation and customer experience. These factors are not enough to make a significant leap to impact the trajectory of the business. Competing in a digital world requires new skills which implies incorporating individuals and their skill sets.


Partners Network

Esteban Bejarano Usandizaga

Professional in Economic Sciences, MBA. For over 20 years, worked for multinational service companies as part of local and regional Management for Latin America. Expert in focusing the organization on the customer and the employee, led change processes in the financial industry (AMEX, BKB, Citibank) and in the hospitality industry (LLao LLao Hotel & Resort, The Vines of Mendoza, Faena Group).

Pedro Trejo

Specialist in Marketing in the Financial sector, Fintechs, Product Innovation, Content Marketing, Storytelling and Startup mentor. With over 25 years in the corporate world (Banco Supervielle, Diners Club, Citibank and Tango/04 Computing Group), participated and led hundreds of local and multinational technological projects requiring an essential integration of product mix, sales plans and marketing.

Alberto Guerci

Engineer with over 25 years of regional experience, expert in the development and implementation of technological projects in national and multinational telecommunications companies (Entel, ComIng, Telecom Soluciones, Arnet) and Financial Services (Citibank Argentina, NewNet, Citibank Latam). Extensive experience in teaching and higher education management.

Nora Crotti

Business Administrator, Masters in Neurolinguistic Programming, Professional Ontological Coach. Director of Strategic Planning and Development of New Businesses, Market Research and Competitive Intelligence for Argentina and South America with multinational companies. Expert in the development of socio-emotional skills for: the formation of leaders, teamwork, improvement of internal communication, and conflict resolution with a restorative approach.

Claudio Susic

Industrial engineer with over 10 years of experience in productivity improvement projects, consulting and auditing of quality management systems. Collaborated with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Nation and TÜV Rheinland Argentina auditing international financing projects and companies such as Roche, Sica, Cementos Avellaneda, EXO, Tipem and Quilmes Pack, among others. Jointly with the consulting firm McKinsey, implemented Lean Manufacturing at Kimberly Clark Argentina.

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