The Customer Experience

Focusing an organization on the customer implies the commitment and involvement of its collaborators in all processes linked to meeting customer expectations and needs.

Our team proposes end-to-end solutions, that is, from the diagnostic stage to the implementation of the strategy:

Qualitative and quantitative Market Intelligence studies. Organizational performance and benchmarking. Awareness of customer perceptions and recommendations. Evaluate services and products. Identify new business opportunities.

Identification and optimization of the processes that make up the Customer Experience within the framework of a culture of Ongoing Improvement.

Digital customer experience.

Design and implementation of processes that are critical for the Customer Experience.

Customer Service Model by segment.

Ongoing Process Improvement in areas of high impact on the Customer Experience. We work with various methodologies and tools for Ongoing Improvement. We suggest in each case the most appropriate processes relative to the structure, dimension and needs of each organization.

Mapping of the processes that integrate the Customer Experience, its relevance and evaluation, based on efficiency and cost savings.

Customer Experience Monitoring System: Customer Voice (VOC) and prospective.

Integration of information technology systems - internal and external - in order to have available key data for efficient decision-making related to Customer Experience. (Data Analytics)

Design of the Scorecard / Dashboard for monitoring the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the business. Customer Voice, Marketplace Voice, Process Voice.

Definition of Objectives, Action Plans and implementation. Control and corrective action.

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